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Laundry Fragrance Oil + Wool Dryer Balls

Laundry Fragrance Oil + Wool Dryer Balls

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Infuse your laundry with a refreshing aroma using our Laundry Fragrance Oil and Wool Dryer Balls. Simply add a few drops onto wool dryer balls before drying to give your clothes a longer-lasting scent. Make laundry day a delight with this easy and effective solution.

Also great to add a scented wool ball to your dresser drawers or linen storage areas!


2 oz fragrance oil

3 wool dryer balls

IMPORTANT! Allow fragranced dryer balls to dry for up to 24 hours and then place them in the dryer by themselves and dry them for 15-20 minutes. 

Following this process keeps clothes from staining from direct contact with wet fragrance oil.

Repeat this process each time you add fragrance oil. Be sure to never let wet fragrance oil come in contact with your linens or cabinetry.



Madagascar Vanilla - Creamy notes of Madagascar vanilla bean are intertwined with the elegant scent of vanilla orchid, and a subtle hint of coconut.

Rose Prick - An unexpected combination of spicy sichuan pepper and aromatic turmeric, middle notes of sweet May rose, floral Bulgarian rose and earthy Turkish rose with base notes of rich patchouli and sweet tonka bean as an anchor.

Egyptian Cotton - The fragrance conjures the sensation of crisp linens against sun-warmed skin, whispering tales of tranquility and timeless sophistication.

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